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DESIGN Philosophy

At Atikuss, we offer handcrafted footwear and accessories respecting Aboriginal traditions and adapting them to today’s fashion trends. We use only natural materials, from an environmentally-responsible hunt. We search out the incredible talent of Aboriginal artists and ensure that we pass this knowledge to the next generations. All our footwear products – mukluks, moccasins, and others – are made in Canada.


Many hundreds of years ago, the Aboriginal people were already practicing environmentally-responsible hunting. They only took from Mother Earth what they needed to live. They honoured animals, and wasted nothing. The entire animal – meat, pelts, and bones – was used to meet the daily needs of the people. Atikuss believes in this vision, because it demonstrates an unconditional love of nature.


Atikuss Hopeboots footwear, is the fruit of a project to support Canadian Aboriginal women, handcrafted using natural materials and ancestral techniques. Only pearls resulting from humane production to minimize the impact of mass culture on the environment and save the forests are used.

Out of respect for Mother Earth, the pelts and furs used for crafting the footwear come exclusively from environmentally-responsible hunting. Atikuss certifies that all Hopeboots are embroidered, beaded, and sewn in Canada, on a First Nation territory, most notably at its workshop in Uashat mak Mani-Utenam.

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Like Hopeboots, Atikuss mukluks are handcrafted by Aboriginal women artisans living in Canada. We use only natural materials from an environmentally-responsible hunt. All embroidery and beading is done by hand, on the First Nations territory, most notably at Atikuss’s workshop in Uashat mak Mani-Utenam.

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Atikuss offers a wide selection of indoor moccasins. Each one is handmade and embroidered by Aboriginal women from the Canadian First Nations. The pelts and furs are from an environmentally-responsible hunt. For the manufacture of the smoked caribou footwear, the artisans use an ancestral tanning method.

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The soles of Atikuss footwear are unique. They evoke its history. They reveal its values. They uncover its aspirations.

  • Canada Goose

    A migratory bird, symbolizes fidelity and openness to the world.

    Every year, Canada Geese meet and then all fly in the same direction. Atikuss has set its sights on the world. Our objective: export Aboriginal culture to the planet. Atikuss wants to travel to the same territories as this splendid bird!

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  • Caribou

    The emblem of the brand, incarnates strength and wealth.

    This noble animal contributed to the survival of the First Nations. They supplied food, and pelts for clothing. The bones were used to make tools, utensils, needles, weapons, and much more! Atikuss designs sustainable products that enable Aboriginal women to support themselves.

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  • Beaver

    A tireless worker, represents perseverance and ingenuity.

    This animal played an immeasurable role in the history of the Canadian aboriginal peoples. Atikuss is inspired by this intrepid builder for the manufacture of its products.

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Des mocassins d’intérieur provenant de la chasse écoresponsable

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Authentic and fair manufacturing process